Subsidies for training new employees or employing mature age job seekers

Employment Plus

Wage Subsidies

Employment Plus can help employers to access Government funded subsidies, designed to help cover the cost of training new employees or, through the Restart program, assist with the employment of mature age candidates.

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Wage subsidies may cover up to $10,000 of the employee’s wage

Your Employment Plus representative can advise whether you are eligible to receive a subsidy.

In general, subsidies are available for up to 12 months where:

  • A new employee requires additional training or development for them to undertake their role competently
  • The position is expected to be ongoing
  • The position is not within a State or Commonwealth Government department or agency. However, positions within ancillary services such as a school canteen which is not funded by State or Commonwealth Government, may be eligible for a wage subsidy
  • The position is not for a relative of the employer

There are different wage subsidy categories to assist different groups, including Restart (mature age job seekers), Youth, Parents, long term unemployed (over 12 months)and Indigenous job seekers. Your Employment Plus representative will explain the categories, subsidy amounts and full eligibility criteria relevant to your circumstance.

In addition, a wage subsidy may be offered for an apprenticeship or traineeship so long as the combined total of any apprenticeship incentives and wage subsidy payment does not exceed 90% of the worker’s wage.

Terms & conditions apply, so please call us on 136 123 regarding eligibility and payment amounts relevant to your circumstance.

Restart subsidy

Restart is a program that can assist employers to expand their business and benefit from the wealth of experience that mature age workers offer.

People over 50 years of age who have been unemployed and on income support for more than six months are eligible to attract a Restart subsidy.

Employers can receive up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) in assistance for a full time employee:

  • $6,500 paid over a 12 month period
  • Up to $3,500 bonus for employment which lasts 12 months

Mature age job seekers employed for at least 30 hours per week will attract the full subsidy rate. Job seekers employed for between 15 – 29 hours per week will attract a pro-rata Restart subsidy.

Terms & conditions apply, so please call us on 136 123 regarding eligibility relevant to your circumstance.

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