Available Allied Health Services

Our team of dedicated Allied Health Professionals have many years of collective experience helping employees and employers across a wide range of industries to achieve a better quality of life through targeted mental health support.

We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to lead a happy and purposeful life. Not only is employment an important part of a balanced life, there are also strong links between mental health and ongoing employment.


Counselling is a large component of the support we offer.
Individual counselling often takes the form of one-on-one sessions with an Allied Health Services Psychologist or Social Worker at your local Employment Plus office.
Our counselling services can help you address and work through a range of personal and professional challenges, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Personal or family concerns
  • Drug and alcohol barriers

All counselling sessions are private and confidential, and available at no cost to you.

Please note that if you have missed three scheduled counselling sessions in a financial year, we will be unable to continue making counselling appointments for you, due to government restrictions.


Psychological Skills Techniques (PST) Programs

Psychological Skills Techniques (PST) Programs are a structured series of sessions and activities combined to help participants return to work, and achieve personal and work-related goals. PST Programs integrate practical life and job search skills, taking a holistic approach to increasing employability.

Tailored to meet individual needs, PST Programs are practical and collaborative, and feature a range of activities and discussions, exploring areas such as:

  • identifying and making plans to address unique personal barriers;
  • building a more positive, solution-focused mind-set;
  • exploration of personal goals; and
  • developing action plans to improve your wellbeing and facilitate increased employability.

PST Programs are available at most Employment Plus sites*, and can be delivered individually, or with a group – helping participants to build positive support networks with other job seekers.

PST Programs are not available at all Employment Plus sites. Please speak to your consultant or Allied Health professionals about what programs are available at your site.


PST Groups – one session only (1-2 hours)

In addition to PST Programs, a range of short group education programs are also available.

These programs are aimed at building psychologically-minded skills and strategies to address your life challenges, including topics such as:

Tailored to meet individual needs, PST Programs are practical and collaborative, and feature a range of activities and discussions, exploring areas such as:

  • learning to better manage stress;
  • learning to improve your communication skills;
  • increasing your ability to address conflict; and
  • maintaining motivation and wellbeing over time;




Please note that if you are feeling distressed, or need help or assistance immediately, Lifeline is available to help you by phoning 13 11 14, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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