Demonstrating success

Sunday March 30th 2014

Costco WholesaleAfter struggling to find work, more than 40 job seekers are literally demonstrating their new job skills – thanks to Employment Plus.

Employed by Club Demonstration Services (CDS), a dedicated Costco supplier, the staff members are out on the warehouse floor, demonstrating Costco products to customers and providing them with additional information and special offers.

The team members – who were individually selected by Employment Plus – promote everything from food and drinks through to major appliances and sporting goods.

Paul Snowden, 45, had been battling to find work after leaving the security industry.

“It’s great, great. I wasn’t sure at first, having to speak to the public, but it’s brought out the extrovert in me.

“Turns out I’m good with people and I enjoy it which is half the battle.”

Twenty-year-old Bradley Strike, who had been trying to find work in hospitality, was also a little dubious when the opportunity first appeared.

“I wasn’t sure at first about this job, but I’m glad I took the chance. Everyone I work with has been great. They’re like a second family to me,” he said.

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