Employment Plus to become the largest NFP under Federal jobactive program

Tuesday April 14th 2015

The Salvation Army Employment Plus has been awarded greater responsibility for assisting job seekers into sustainable employment.

From July 1 Employment Plus will become the largest not for profit organisation under the Federal Government’s new Employment Services program, jobactive.

Managing Director Greg Moult said that he was very pleased that the Employment Services tender result means Employment Plus had been entrusted to assist more job seekers from July.

“Our mission is to provide quality employment services for job seekers and strong candidates for employers.

“Jobactive provides us new opportunities and new challenges. The new contracts are very results orientated, but they also allow us to be more creative in how we can help our job seekers into work.

“The tender result means that we can continue to assist even more people, improve their quality of life and at the same time, help businesses to grow.”

The outcome also heralded less welcome news for Employment Plus because despite the overall growth, several current regions were lost through the process. This means some site closures are inevitable.

“Our result was mixed in that we will need to farewell some outstanding colleagues who work in sites facing closure in July,” said Mr Moult.

“We will be providing every possible support to those people.”

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