Empowering people with disability

Wednesday October 3rd 2018
People chopping food.

From 9 September to 15 September, Employment Plus celebrated Disability Action Week at our full time Disability Employment Services (DES) sites.

Disability Action Week promotes awareness and empowerment of people with disability, raising awareness of disability issues, while improving access and inclusion throughout the wider community.

The week was an opportunity to get employers aware and interested in hiring a person with disability.

Employers may not be aware of the Government support available to them when employing a person with disability.

“People may think there are hurdles to employing a person with disability—maybe their workplace doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp, maybe they need someone with a driver’s licence,” said Employment Plus DES National Manager, Ashley Clarence.

“We ask employers to not make assumptions, to concentrate on finding the right person for the job and we’ll make the rest work,” he said.

The facts speak for themselves.  People with disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and have a higher retention rate than other workers.  Once a person with disability finds the right job, the person performs equally well as other employees.

Employment Plus has access to thousands of motivated job seekers with disability.  To learn about the benefits of hiring a person with disability, click here.

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