EOFY and your job search- what does it all mean?

Thursday May 30th 2019

The start of a new financial year (July) brings fresh activity to the job market as projects start up and new goals are set, so it’s the best time of year to search for a new job. Here are four reasons to start your search now:

  1. A foot in the door

Having conversations early will put you ahead of those waiting until July, and front of mind to hiring managers looking to hire early for new starters to commence in the new financial year.

  1. Planning ahead

As plans take place for the new financial year and teams learn that they may require more resources, this time of the year is important to keep top of mind during these conversations. If you are looking for work, or a change of role, ensure you reignite these conversations with recruiters, hiring managers and within your network to remind them you are on the search.

  1. Budgets

Many organisations have approved budgets for the 2019 financial year so will be looking to hire and fill new positions leading up to the end of the financial year. Best to get in early to avoid missing out on any hiring windows that may close early in the new financial year.

  1. Freshen up

If you are just getting started with your job search use this time to re-brand your resume and LinkedIn page.  Writing specific cover letters and updates for applications or specifically for your skill set will easily highlight your strengths.  Online searches are more and more popular. Make it as easy as possible for hiring managers to find you online by keeping an up to date profile and professional cover photo.

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