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Thursday July 5th 2018
Man being shown around warehouse by manager.

So, you’ve taken the time working with your Employment Plus Recruiter to ensure you have the right candidate for your role, found out what incentives your business is eligible for and now it’s time for your new recruit to start.  We share our tips on helping your new hire begin on the right foot – improving retention and wellbeing in the workplace.

Before they begin

  • Send your new employee a note, SMS or give them a phone call to make sure they bring everything they need on the first day and are confident to commence work. Consider bank account details, tax file number, superannuation fund details and photo identification. Your new employee may also need to be reminded to bring high visibility clothing and steel capped safety boots.
  • Ensure your new recruit has everything they need for their first day ready at the workplace. This may include email being set up, equipment, stationery, phone etc.

First day

  • Notify the Receptionist that a new person is starting and to notify you on their arrival.
  • Send a welcome email or make an announcement to staff, encouraging them to introduce themselves to the new person.
  • Familiarise yourself with the names of everyone in the office, so you can introduce the new starter when doing an office tour.
  • Ensure they know all the relevant workplace health and safety information as a priority.
  • Make sure your new employee knows when and where to take their lunch break. You may want to assign them a lunch buddy to keep them company on their first day.
  • Confirm any future or planned training requirements. Employment Plus may be able to assist with a fork lift licence, White Card, RSA and more.
  • Let your new staff member know when they will be paid.
  • Touch base with your new worker at the end of the first day to ensure any problems are quickly sorted out.

Two weeks

  • Have your employee’s manager confirm your new start has everything they need to do their job, and that there are no issues.
  • Hold a small morning tea for the department, encouraging employees to mingle and grow relationships.

Six weeks

  • Have your employee’s manager sit down with your new recruit and give them feedback on their role.
  • Does your employee have an idea as to how to improve the role or the organisation in general? Start an open dialogue with them.
  • Make sure your new start understands the long term goals of the organisation and how their role contributes to them.


Your Employment Plus Recruiter can help you prepare for your new employee.  Call us on 136 123 to discuss how to improve retention of your new starts.

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