Instant de-stress on the job

Tuesday June 4th 2019

Last month was ‘Mindfulness in May’ – but the practice of mindfulness is a bit like most wellness initiatives – consistency is key.

So, we’re encouraging you to continue to ‘De-stress on the Job this June’.

Here’s a great centring exercise for those days when you’ve spilt your coffee on your top, had some bad news about a key account and been riled by someone else’s inconsiderate behaviour.

You don’t need to be in any specific position, you don’t need to close your eyes – but you can if you want. The only skill you really need to engage is to be able to breathe in and out to a count of four



Take two minutes to stop, start breathing quietly in and out to a count of four and concentrate on nothing but the first five things you register from each of your five senses.

What five things can you hear around you? The smallest hum of the heater, the chatter of a keyboard chatter, passing traffic or birdsong in the distance?

What can you see? Your wedding ring, the new leaves on the office plant or the intricacy of the woven fabric of your jacket?

What can you taste? The remnants of coffee or the imagined taste of a snack you’ll have at morning tea or reheated lasagne for lunch (why is it always better tasting the next day)?

What can you feel? The arms of your chair, the gentle drape of the bracelet on your wrist, the coolness of your desk, the tension easing as you change your posture.

This two-minute exercise won’t solve your problems, but it will halt the internal chatter, put you in the moment and a calmer space to get on with facing your challenges and others that will inevitably come your way.

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