Pathway to a better future

Tuesday May 6th 2014

A new riverside pathway in Wyong hasn’t just improved safety for locals, it’s paved a new future for the people who built it.

The 400 metre pathway was built as part of a special Employment Plus program involving, with funding coming from Bendigo Bank and the NSW state government.

“The guys who have worked on the project finish not only with better skills and confidence, they also have earned a Certificate II in Civil Construction which will really boost their chance of getting jobs moving forward,” said Greg Moult, Managing Director of Employment Plus, which provided the jobseekers and supported them during the project.

Troy Davies was one of the men who have used the pathway project to build a new life.

“This wasn’t just building a concrete pathway. There’s a lot more to it than that. There’s landscaping, dealing with suppliers, learning the regulations,” he said.

“You certainly get a sense of accomplishment. Knowing your sweat has helped build something feels really good.

“It’s opened my eyes to a lot of new opportunities.”

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