Recruitment industry and Employment Plus join forces to improve employment outcomes

Tuesday December 16th 2014
Recruitment and Consulting Services Association

Recruitment and employment industry peak body, the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association), has announced employment service provider The Salvation Army Employment Plus has joined as a Corporate member of the Association.

The announcement comes as the two organisations seek to improve employment outcomes for job seekers and employers.

“The reality is that Jobs Services Australia employment providers must operate as effectively, if not more so, than our competitors in the commercial sector,” says Greg Moult, Managing Director, Employment Plus. “We owe that to our job seekers, and employers rightfully expect it. It makes perfect sense then for us to join the RCSA as the peak recruitment industry association.”

Steve Granland, RCSA CEO believes the employment services environment is undergoing a significant shift with a convergence of the private and public sectors. “We are very pleased to welcome a forward thinking employment service provider such as Employment Plus to the RCSA. In the future, employment and recruitment service providers will require skills that combine the best practices and learnings from both sectors. We look forward to sharing this combined knowledge and learning with all of our members,” said Mr Granland.

RCSA Youth Jobs Charter

Employment Plus will join over 90 RCSA Member recruiters who have signed onto the RCSA Youth Jobs Charter. With a national network comprising over 100 offices around Australia, Employment Plus will partner with RCSA members to bring together youth, employers and recruiters to open more pathways to employment for youth. In addition, Youth Job Forums will be held in Brisbane on February 17, Sydney on February 18 and in Melbourne on February 19, 2015.

“It strikes me that the RCSA is committed not only to its members, but also to improving the employment prospects of job seekers,” said Mr Moult. “We’re very pleased to become an active part of the Youth Jobs Charter, bringing employers and young job seekers together and improving the employment prospects of our young people.”

Sharing knowledge and learnings

Speaking about professional skills and the development of industry practices, Steve Granland noted that combining the knowledge and skill of the private and not for profit sectors will be of tremendous value to RCSA members, as the industry strives to identify candidates to meet evolving skill and people shortages in a number of industries.

“RCSA members are active in numerous initiatives that aim to increase participation in the workforce for all Australians. All of these activities broaden the knowledge, skills and professionalism of the industry and the sharing of that knowledge is rapidly becoming a centre piece for how the recruitment industry engages with job seekers from all walks of life,” said Mr Granland.

“The RCSA holds an enormous body of knowledge regarding effective, ethical recruitment and staff human resource practices,” says Greg Moult. “We will be active in contributing to that knowledge and just as importantly, learning from the successes of other members. The RCSA will become another powerful avenue for the professional development of our staff.”

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