Refugees check in for hotel jobs

Tuesday May 6th 2014

A special partnership, designed to get refugees into stable long-term employment, has scored some major success in Sydney.

Fourteen refugees, who had been struggling to find any kind of work, secured positions at leading hotels across the city.

The program – called Refugee Job Ready – involved Employment Plus, international hotel giant Accor, the Department of Employment and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

HaneenAbuirtaimeh, a 29-year-old Muslim refugee from Jordan, struggled to get a job for several years until he was employed by Accor in a food and beverage role.

“I’m extremely proud to be part of a large company that I can build a career with,’ she said.

“This program gave me the skills and confidence to get a job and keep it.”

“Refugees can find it particularly hard to find a job,” said Greg Moult, Managing Director of Employment Plus.

“They are often having to deal with language and cultural issues, along with other hurdles like a lack of experience. So to have a successful, proven program like this, and the support of a brilliant organisation like Accor, means the future is much brighter.”

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