Sisters in Mining

Tuesday May 6th 2014

Five Indigenous women at Lake Vermont have graduated from the successful Sisters in Mining program as a part of a collaborative effort between The Salvation Army Employment Plus and Thiess.

The program identifies talented, highly motivated local women and trains them for work as haul truck drivers. The training covers everything from driving skills (learnt on a simulator) to health, nutrition, life-work balance and the other life skills that enable workers to become great employees. It also includes an excellent mentoring component.

Congratulating and welcoming the Sisters in Mining graduates, Thiess Project Manager Colin Mulligan, acknowledged the hard work to date and the opportunity that lay ahead of Lake Vermont’s newest recruits.

“This pre-employment program is not just about job opportunities. It’s also about Thiess creating an inclusive work environment that breaks the norms of what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry,” said Colin.

“While these graduates will move into our organisation as trainee haul truck operators, it’s important to recognise that these inspiring women will also have an opportunity to be role models to their male and female team mates.”

The Salvation Army Employment Plus’ Greg Moultadded that the program empowers local Indigenous women and creates long-term career opportunities.

“It has been wonderful to see how many opportunities and benefits the program can bring to the women themselves, to their families and to the business community as well,” said Greg.

“The partnership between The Salvation Army Employment Plus and Thiess highlights that meaningful employment opportunities come from collaborative efforts, combined expertise and a strong commitment to increasing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“It also reflects the talent and work ethic of the participants who have come through the program.”

The advancement of women in mining will continue to be high on the diversity agenda of the program’s development and delivery partners.

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