Want a financial bonus? Meet our Wage Subsidy Team

Friday June 1st 2018
Wage Subsidy Team

Meet the Wage Subsidy team. This team of seven determined individuals work hard to ensure your business not only finds the right employee but also benefits financially from recruiting with us.

What do the Wage Subsidy Team thrive on? The countless good news stories they receive from employers like you!

Some of the team’s favourite stories?

  • Watching a young person enter the workforce for the first time – with the employer having the added bonus of receiving a youth wage subsidy.
  • The employer who took on a long term unemployed job seeker, helping them find the value of supporting themselves through employment. The employer was also eligible for a long term unemployed wage subsidy.
  • The business who wanted to diversify the workplace with an Indigenous job seeker – the wage subsidy team was able to find the right candidate and receive a generous wage subsidy.

The wage subsidy team members who will be helping you are Matt, Angela, Jess, Tania, Tom, Heather and Tyson. You may be surprised at the variety of wage subsidies available. If you’d like to chat to one of the team about wage subsidies, call (08) 8397 5798 or email NSC_Wage_Subsidies@aep.salvationarmy.org

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