Warehousing qualifications

Tuesday May 6th 2014

Employment Plus has been working with Salamander Bay Recycling to provide accredited learning for work experience participants to secure a Certificate II in Warehousing.

“For job seekers, a qualification like that can make all the difference in the world,” said Greg Moult, Managing Director of Employment Plus. “It can be a huge step towards getting a job and getting to a better place in your life.”

Salamander Bay Recycling specialises in every aspect of material reclamation, using its activities and profits to support many local charities and other groups.

Employment Plus has been working with the organisation for a number of years, helping job seekers who work in the recycling centre to gain valuable work experience in areas such as warehousing, merchandising and logistical support.

That relationship has now gone a step further, with these work experience volunteers to also receive off-site training to qualify for their Certificate II.

“Working here is an empowering experience,” said Gerard McClafferty, who’s run Salamander Bay Recycling for five years.

“We work with a number of organisations but the people organised by Employment Plus always have an extra dimension, they’re pretty pro-active, polite and willing.”

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