Held weekly, these 60-minute Telehealth sessions bring our community together to share and make sense of our experiences, especially at this challenging time.

This supportive group provides a safe space to acknowledge and discuss everything happening around you, with professional therapists and other Job Seekers.

To join a session, call 136 123 or register for the event and we'll be in touch.

If you’re not registered with Employment Plus and would like to know more about our Job Seeker and complimentary Allied Health services, call 136 123.

This group is a space to acknowledge everything that is happening around us and to bring people together as a community to connect, share and make sense of our experiences.

Anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious, or generally overwhelmed will benefit from connecting with others. Groups offer a wonderful opportunity to heal and provides some benefits that individual psychotherapy cannot afford, such as providing multiple listening ears, perspectives and support.

How does it work?

Some changes occur more readily in group settings than in one on one therapy. That’s because groups provide unique benefits, like multiple listeners and perspectives. And because groups usually include other people with similar symptoms and severity, participants also benefit from the support, understanding and empathy of fellow participants. They even help one another!

How to register for Employment Plus