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Region: Tasmania


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Mob: Palawa Pakana

About my mob:

Today the Palawa are claiming a continuous cultural history going back to their ‘tribal’ ancestors that is at odds with even their own recorded oral and. documented history. Their oral history is well known and documented by academic and the media prior to 1996 it is the opposite to what they are foisting on the ignorant today. They are allowed to do this, it is their history. They are not allowed to write anyone else’s history. By controlling the educational process and having the right to remove any material they do not consider appropriate they are forcing a censorship on the broader community that has parallels with the Nazi book burning under Adolph Hitler.

However while they are entitled to portray their history in any light they see fit, they are should not allowed to determine the exclusion of a history and culture because it is not their own. To the detriment of both the broader Aboriginal community and reconciliation they have policies ensuring that the guilt of the past flows down through generations so socially removed that it is a farce. By claiming, and being given, by the government, land and heritage they have no cultural links or blood Kinship ties to, they are denying others the right to their heritage. The Palawa through their political arm the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) have carte blanche control over every event held in Tasmania. Without the approval of the TAC no Bicentenary events for 1803 or 1804 can be held. They claim that it is inappropriate to hold an event which resulted in the first recorded massacre of Tasmanian Aboriginal people in 1804. They have sole say on which events can be undertaken and which groups are entitled for funding. A dictatorship sanctioned to run amuck along the lines of so many third world countries of today.

The stranglehold held over the Tasmanian government and broader community is wielded by government sanction and political correctness to control every aspect of Tasmania’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history using an enforced guilt policy that is destroying all attempts of reconciliation.

While the Palawa can determine who is Tasmanian Aboriginal and who is not the perpetual lie of history will continue unstopped.

Excerpt from TAC – Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation

The services we offer:

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation (TAC) is a comprehensive primary health care service for the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. In the locations at Launceston and Burnie. It also has a legal department who I refer participants to for legal support.

Primary Health Tasmania, Aboriginal Counselling and Community Support (Relationships Australia Tasmania offers a culturally sensitive counselling and community development service for Aboriginal individuals and communities in northern Tasmania including Flinders and Cape Barren Islands.

Aboriginal Housing Service Tasmania. Aboriginal Housing applications can be made through Housing Connect (this is not an Aboriginal specific service but a state-wide service.

Anglicare – Not ATSI specific Chaplains in Hobart for liaising with participants in prison.

No34 Aboriginal Centre – Rural Health Tasmania is committed to working in partnership with the Aboriginal community, organisations, and health care providers to improve the health and well-being of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Beyond the wire – Not ATSI specific - prison release services

The Bridge Program – Not ATSI Specific - Rehab services

Doorways – Not ASTI specific

Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Services

Shelters in Tasmania very limited spaces and not ATSI Specific very limited for male participants

Far North West Tasmania - CHAC – Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation (Drug and Alcohol Services, Accommodation Services, Family Support Services, Junction Hub, Employment Programs

Headspace not ATSI specific and only up to the age of 24 (mental and physical health, alcohol and other drugs, and work and study)