Meet Indigenous Mentor Lewis Brown

Region: Wivenhoe


Telephone: 0419157638

Mob: Wakka Wakka (Mother's Side) & Barada Barna (Father's Side)

About me:

I'm Aboriginal and on my Father's Side, Barada Barna, we are from the Stolen Generation. My Grandfather was taken away from Nebo and put on the Reserve in Cherbourg by Salvation Army. Here he was given the name Brown by the superintendant at the time, which is how we ended up with the last name Brown.

The services I offer:

I work heavily with Woolworths Diversity Dimension, Australia Post Indigenous Recruitment, AES, Murri Watch, Indigenous Medical Clinic (Kambu), Inala Indigenous Health Service, Busy at Work, Wesbro Indigenous NDIS, CTI Indigenous Labour Hire Service, NGARE, ISS, Muthana Services, Deadly Choices (Institute for Urban Indigenous Health) and have just started working closely with DATSIP and Startrak.

I have also assisted and linked our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander participants through Drug & Alcohol Services, Housing and Accommodation Services, Mental Health and Relationship Services