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What will happen when I register my interest?

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Q: New to Employment Plus?

A: Welcome. Visit your local Centrelink office and arrange an Employment Suitability Assessment test (ESAt). Once that’s done, simply let your Centrelink office know that you would like Employment Plus to assist you with your job search.

The one thing that we have learned from our years of helping job seekers is that every person who walks through our door has a completely different set of aspirations and needs. What makes a role fulfilling for you will be unique to you. So it isn’t so much finding the perfect job but a perfect fit for your life and your circumstances.

To find a role that fits you, we start by getting to know you well. We’ll work with you to establish the things you do well, the things you enjoy, and what adjustments might need to be made at a work place so that when you start, you are set up for success! Your relationship with your Employment Plus Consultant is really a partnership. Your consultant will get to know you, understand your strengths, help plan the development of any necessary skills to help you put your best foot forward in your job search, applications and in many cases, pave the way for you and potential future employers. We’ll be there as support long after your start.

First we get you work ready, then we find you the right role, and then we help you settle in so that the role can be fulfilling.


Q: Not yet registered, but believe you are eligible for DES?

A: People wishing to access DES need to have an Employment Suitability Assessment test (ESAt) by Centrelink, and we can assist you with this. DES is divided into two arms:Disability Management Service: for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition who require additional assistance but who are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace. Employment Support Service: for job seekers with permanent disability and with an assessed need for more long-term, regular ongoing support in the workplace. The assessment will also determine which of these services is most appropriate to assist you to find work. Following this, we will provide you with your personal Employment Plus consultant.


Q: What can you expect from Employment Plus?

A: Employment Plus is committed to ensuring that all job seekers get the employment opportunity they deserve regardless of their disability, health or medical condition. We know everyone is different so everyone we work with has their own program which best suits their individual needs. We are here to help you in any way we can, so if you have a problem or are experiencing a crisis, we encourage you to talk in confidence with your Employment Plus consultant.


Q: What will happen when I register my interest?

A: Once you complete the form, depending on your chosen contact method one of our DES specialists within your region will be in contact to discuss your options.


Q: I’d like to transfer to Employment Plus, how do I do this?

A: If your provider is no longer providing DES services, or if you would simply like to change to Employment Plus from another provider, please call us on 136 123.


Q: What makes Employment Plus different?

A: The Salvation Army Employment Plus has been connecting job seekers with employers for over 20 years, and even since the 1800’s The Salvation Army have been helping Australians most at need, find employment. In fact, Employment Plus has placed over half a million people in jobs in over 200,000 businesses. The Salvation Army is proud to extend our Employment Plus service to support those with a disability, injury or health condition.

With access to more jobs in more locations we’re boots on the ground, phones at the ready to find the right job for you. At The Salvation Army, we help provide hope, opportunity and freedom to all Australians without discrimination.


Q: Where is the closest site to me?

A: Please find locations listed below. For more detailed location addresses, please click here:

BoonahQueanbeyanHornsbyLilydaleCampbell Town
Browns PlainsTuggeranong DistrictLong JettyRingwoodDevonport
EskWodenRydeRowvilleGeorge Town
SpringfieldSt Helens

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