Find a job

We know finding a job is difficult.

The Salvation Army Employment Plus are here to help you find work – whether it’s helping you with your resume, giving you the support you need from our Allied Health team or finding the right clothes to nail that interview.  We have a network of employers looking for people like you.

How we find you a job

We get to know you

  • You make contact with Employment Plus
  • You meet your recruiter
  • Together we work out a job plan

We get on with the job search

  • Your recruiter contacts employers on your behalf
  • You conduct independent job search keeping our job plan in mind
  • We have regular appointments to see where we are at with your search

Congratulations. You’ve got meaningful employment.

  • The Employment Fund may be able to contribute to necessary job items such as boots and safety equipment
  • Need help settling in? We don’t leave your side once you have a job. Your recruiter is available post employment

Do you need additional assistance?

Our in-house Allied Health team provide support and assistance to help job seekers remain positive, manage challenges and move toward a happier and healthier life.

If you need support, advice or have any concerns you wish to discuss, please speak with your consultant to arrange an appointment with your local Allied Health team member, or CLICK HERE  to contact the Allied Health team directly.

How do I find a job with Employment Plus?

Call us on 136 123 so we can find a program that suits your needs.

Already with an employment provider?  Call 136 123 to discuss how you can change to Employment Plus.

Starting your independent search?

Check out the sites below. Also don’t forget to drop your resume around your neighbourhood and local area.

Employment Plus
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