Pre-employment survey for Employment Plus job seekers

The pre-employment survey is a part of our process to assist job seekers who are registered with Employment Plus. 

While the survey can be completed at any of our sites, most people prefer to complete it at home ahead of their appointment.

Your survey results help us to assess your employment needs, clarify areas where we can offer you employment support and guidance, and review your Employment Plan with you.

By completing this survey you have read and consent to collecting your information. For more information on how we treat sensitive information that you provide to us you can visit out Privacy Policy page.


1. On the first page you will see two fields.

  • In the first field, enter your Job Seeker ID number. This is the first 10 numbers of the reference number that appears on correspondence from Employment Plus.

e.g. REFERENCE: 1234567890/ABCDEF/AB1234

If you are unsure please call your Employment Consultant or 136 123.

  • In the second field, enter your date of birth and then click ‘Login’.
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Example picture of log in fields

2. There are no right or wrong answers. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes.

  • Answer the questions quickly and honestly
  • Answer every question in order
  • Do not think about the questions too much, simply choose the option that first feels right
  • Complete the questionnaire without interruptions

3. At the bottom of the page there are two buttons.

  • Click on ‘Save and complete later’ if you would like to return to the survey later; or
  • Click on ‘Complete Assessment’ if you have completed each section and you would like to save and submit your responses.

Example picture of save and submit buttons

Click below to start the survey.

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