Tips for Successful Job Searching

Looking for a new job can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve been out of the job market for a while.

There are now so many places and ways to look for work that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Taking the time to plan your approach and making sure you’re well prepared will help ensure you don’t waste any time and succeed in finding a job that is right for you sooner rather than later. Here are some useful tips to help when searching for a job:


Preparing to Job Search

Identify Target Roles

Consider your skills, career plans and previous experience, and look for roles that fit.

Identify the kind of companies you’re most interested in

Investigate the companies and employers that appeal to you. Keep a list of where and how they like to advertise their vacancies.

Allocate, manage and invest your time wisely

Decide how much time you will spend on different types of job searching, and allocate more of your time to the avenues that seem to be getting more results.

During Your Search

Update your resume and keep it updated

pend some time updating your skills, abilities, training, qualifications and previous work experience to ensure your resume is as current as possible.

Ask friends and family to keep an eye on job listings for you

Engage the people around you to help with your job search – other people may see things that you miss, or look in places you haven’t thought of.

Remember that nobody has a 100% success rate

Know from the outset, that your job search will take time, and you may be knocked back numerous times before you are offered a job – don’t give up!


Where to Look

When you begin looking for work, there a number of different places vacancies are commonly advertised.

It may be worth investigating:

  • Newspaper advertisments/classified sections
  • Websites such as, Seek, CareerOne and JobSearch
  • Community Noticeboards
  • Social Media – especially LinkedIn
  • Labour hire/recruitment agencies (like Employment Plus)


Good luck, and happy job hunting from the team at Employment Plus!



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