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Employment Plus helps thousands of people to secure work every year

If you are unemployed and need welfare assistance, select Employment Plus when Centrelink asks for your preferred jobactive provider.


We get people.

We’ll tailor a plan that fits your individual needs to help you find work quickly

Employment Plus employs a team of experienced recruitment consultants and job coaches that can help you find new job opportunities and vacancies, update your resume and prepare for interviews – free of charge.

Whether you’re new to the workforce or a mature age worker, we have strong local community links to connect you to the ideal employer in Melbourne. Our services for job seekers include:

  • Access to training and upskilling opportunities
  • Career counselling
  • Resume and cover letter writing advice and assistance
  • Access to work trials and work experience programs
  • Networking opportunities with local business and community groups
  • Free use of computers, WiFi, job databases, phones and photocopiers to help assist with job searching
  • Real people that will listen to your needs and work to develop plans that are specifically designed for you and your situation.

If you are unemployed and need welfare assistance, select Employment Plus when Centrelink asks for your preferred jobactive provider.

We have offices coveniently located all throughout the greater Melbourne area.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t stop as soon as you start your new job.

We’ll continue to provide mentoring and can assist with early costs such as uniforms, public transport fares and work footwear.

We understand that returning to the workforce can be daunting for some people. We work closely with our job seekers to develop a tailored plan and provide any pre-employment assistance that is required.

Financial Assistance

We understand the effect that unemployment can have on the financial situation of job seekers.

Job seekers under 30 may also be eligible for the Job Commitment Bonus, an incentive payment of up to $6,500. Our team can help eligible job seekers to access the Job Commitment Bonus, as well as other forms of financial assistance, to help assist with the transition back into the workforce.


Additional Resources for Job Seekers

Tips and Tools

Our ‘Tips and Tools’ section contains a selection of helpful advice to assist with your journey to employment

Office Locator

Use your postcode or suburb to locate your nearest Employment Plus office with our online office locator.

Pre-Employment Survey

The pre-employment survey is a part of our process to assist job seekers who are registered with Employment Plus. Learn more about the way the Pre-Employment Survey can help you to find work through Employment Plus.



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