Invigorate your business with Transition to Work

Do you want to feel confident in the skills, reliability and knowledge of your new employee? The Transition to Work program provides you with young employees, aged between 15 and 21, that you can be sure meet your organisation’s needs.

A young employee can bring a fresh outlook and modern way of thinking to your business.

Transition to Work offers your business the following.

Pre-employment skills for potential employees that are directly relevant to the needs of local employers and the local labour market.

Work experience placements for eligible participants to assess a young person’s suitability for a job.

Post placement support to ensure your new employee settles into their job and is meeting their role requirements.

New employees hired through the Transition to Work program may also entitle you to a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 (inc. GST) over 6 months.

National Manager – Youth Services, Kylie Hawker, said, “Employment Plus has access to a variety of young people who are ready and willing to help your business grow.”

“The energy a young person can bring to a workplace combined with a willingness to learn can make a significant positive contribution to your business.”

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