Operating on Anzac Day

Whether a business can operate on Anzac Day depends on the type of business and which state or territory they are in.

Some businesses may be required to close, and some may be permitted to open but only within certain trading hours. Penalties apply for non-compliance, so businesses should be aware of whether they can open in order to avoid a fine.

South Australia

South Australia's retail trading laws are regulated by the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 and Shop Trading Hours Regulation 2018. Where a shop is located, its size and what it sells determines whether it is exempt or non-exempt from the shop trading laws.

An exempt shop can trade on any day of the year, provided that it meets the exemption criteria. A non-exempt shop is any shop which is not defined as an exempt shop.

South Australia splits businesses into shopping districts. Any non-exempt businesses located in the Metropolitan Shopping District and Proclaimed Shopping District must be closed on ANZAC Day.

Non-exempt businesses located in the CBD Tourist Precinct can operate from 12pm-5pm.

Hardware, furniture, floor coverings, motor vehicle parts and accessories may open on ANZAC Day from 12pm-5pm.


The Shop Trading Reform Act 1996 sets a half-day trading restriction on Anzac Day between 12.01am and 1pm. Only exempt shops are permitted to open.

New South Wales

The Retail Trading Act 2008 requires all shops to be closed on Anzac Day at all times before 1pm.

There are exempt shops which can trade at any time on Anzac Day.


Under the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990, shops in Queensland are required to close on Anzac Day with some exceptions.

Western Australia

The Retail Trading Hours Act 1987 applies to the part of the state which is south of the 26th parallel of South Latitude. It sets out the trading hours and rules covering various categories of retail outlets.

The Act does not apply to shops on Rottnest Island. There are also exceptions which permit certain businesses to open.

Businesses will need to apply for a certificate in order to trade as either a small or special retail shop.


Under the Anzac Day Observance Act 1929, businesses in Tasmania must not open before 12:30pm on Anzac Day unless they are exempt. Exempt businesses can open at any time.

Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory

There are no trading restrictions in the ACT or NT. Businesses can open and operate as normal.