PaTH finds the perfect candidate for Rocla

Rocla is a leading supplier of concrete pipe, precast concrete, culverts, water quality, precast bridges, sleepers and poles – and they were looking for someone get their hands dirty, who liked to work outdoors and wanted to contribute to a diverse workforce.

Anthony, the People and Performance Business Partner from Rocla, was referred to Employment Plus from Busy at Work, an organisation that provide career opportunities to job seekers and students through apprenticeship, employment and support programs. Recruiter Erin Montey was briefed in on the job – and started work on what would soon prove to be a very successful mission.

Anthony described the recruitment process as “very straightforward”. “Erin was the focal point for our recruitment drive and coordinated the entire project. She organised a shortlist of candidates, organised site tours and inductions and ensured that Rocla was regularly updated during the recruitment process,” he said.

As well as offering a professional recruitment process as no cost, Employment Plus was able to offer benefits such as access to PaTH internships. These short placements in the workplace offer young people an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the job, giving employers the opportunity to see if they are the right fit for the role.

Host employers do not employ or pay wages to participants of the PaTH internship and are eligible to receive a payment of $1,000. Conditions and eligibility do apply – your Employment Plus Recruiter can explain what you need to know.

Considering her bank of talent, Erin decided that a candidate named Martin would be the best fit to trial the role – and his performance was second to none.

“Martin has proven to be a real asset to the Rocla Gailes team. Martin took so much enthusiasm and excitement into the business and wanted to learn everything he could about concrete products manufacturing in the civil infrastructure space,” said Anthony.

It was a perfect match. Upon completing the PaTH internship, Martin was offered a full time traineeship with Rocla.

“Employment Plus have been extremely helpful in offering youth employment opportunities to job seekers in the local area. We would of course look for Employment Plus’s support again in the future,” said Anthony.

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To learn more about PaTH internships call Employment Plus on 136 123.