Transition to Work

At Employment Plus, you will be connected with one of our Youth Employment Consultants who will comprehensively assess your needs at your first appointment; and regularly meet with you to discuss and assess your goals and aspirations.

To make sure your goals are achieved, we will prepare a personalised Job Plan to help you gain employment and/ or education through a mix of individual, group and selfpaced activities aimed at improving your job readiness and employability.We will stay in touch with you regularly through face to face appointments; and our ME+ app lets you stay in touch with us.


Helping You Find A Job

When you are ready to find work, we will:

  • Guide you on local job opportunities
  • Schedule interviews with employers who have current or upcoming vacancies
  • Prepare and coach you for interviews
  • Arrange relevant Work Experience activities

To help you find the job you want, we provide free WiFi at all of our sites. You will also have access to MyWorkSearch, an innovative online employment portal which:

  • Has an online résumé building tool
  • Finds vacancies from various online job search sites
  • Sends you job notifications when new vacancies appear
  • Has self-paced training and development activities

Helping You Find Education

If you feel that education will be a better stepping stone to employment, we will connect you with local education and training opportunities to help you gain:

  • A Year 12 equivalent qualification; or
  • A Certificate III or higher qualification

Support When You Find A Job Or Education

When you have found a job or started education, you will receive support in the first weeks of your placement. This may include:

  • Pre-placement coaching and preparation
  • Attendance on-site for your first day
  • Weekly contact in the first weeks of your placement

Other Services and learning opportunities

We will provide access to Employment Plus’ Allied Health and community support services as required.

Your Youth Employment Consultant will draw on Employment Plus’ national partnerships with specialists such as Reach and Headspace, as well as our relationships within The Salvation Army, to assist you to overcome barriers to education or employment.

We offer regular learning activities which support you to develop job search, employability and personal skills; as well as industry knowledge.

These include:

  • Meetings with local employers to understand their expectations
  • Practical job search skills workshops, including résumé writing, interview practice and online job search
  • Employability skills workshops teaching teamwork, communication and organisation
  • Personal development sessions focusing on areas such as relationships, healthy living, developing a positive attitude to work, goal setting and coping with change


Employment Plus
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