jar with 'savings' label and money inside

There is a great deal of free help and advice out there for Australians who are having to tighten their belts or just want to take control of their financial future. Here are some great free resources to help you get your finances in good order, no matter your circumstances.

1. MoneySmart.gov.au

Managed by ASIC, this government platform is a great place to start. The website has sections on getting urgent help with money, living on a low income, financial counselling, and problems paying bills, as well as a special Covid-19 section on available government assistance or accessing your superannuation. There are also a great selection of interactive toolkits, from budget planners to superannuation calculators.

2. Financial Counselling Australia

People can pay a lot of money for financial advisors, but there are also free options to speak to an expert. is a not-for-profit that aims to reduce debt in Australia. Their website, National Debt Helpline (NDH.org.au) is packed with advice and an online chat facility, or you can call to speak to one of the advisors on 1800 007 007.

3. The Barefoot Investor

Written by independent financial advisor Scott Pape, this book provides an entertaining and empowering approach to freeing yourself from debt and setting up a positive financial future. Written from a humorous perspective and requiring no knowledge of money matters, it contains a wealth of strategies to renegotiate your bills and start funnelling money into the things that matter to you. This is big-picture thinking with simple steps, and no meticulous budget spreadsheets required.

4. Frugal and Thriving

Written by a busy mum, this blog features lots of everyday money-saving tips, from healthy budget recipes and homemade products, to budgeting strategies and app reviews. It’s a positive site, with the ethos of simple, good living for less.

5. The Savings Room

Referred to by many as Australia’s number 1 savings blog, this site contains a staggering 50,000 tips. In addition to helping you manage your finances, there are also sections on renovations, events, and lifestyle.

6. Lifehacker Australia

The money section of this popular productivity site is worth a look, with plenty of bargains, coupons and savings advice.

7. Low Income Loans Australia

This informational site explains the financing available for low-income-earners; from Centrelink loans to loans for the unemployed and pensioners. There are also plenty of articles about tips for saving money and debt management, as well as emergency finance options.