News 9 Aug 2022 What is ‘time off in lieu’ and how does it work? When an employee works overtime, some awards permit the employee to request time off instead of receiving payment for overtime.
News 9 Aug 2022 Do’s and don’ts of docking pay There are some occasions where an employee arrives to work late. Life happens; the car won’t start, the alarm doesn’t go off in the morning, public transport cancellations...
News 22 Jul 2022 Community Connect at Queanbeyan Provides Holistic Help for Job Seekers Employment Plus is proud of the holistic service it provides as part of The Salvation Army (TSA) and that our partnership enables us to help participants with more than finding a job.
News 22 Jul 2022 The amazing natural superpowers of neurodiversity Being diagnosed with neurodiversity is often portrayed as a disadvantage. However, as we come to appreciate the different ways people see the world, employers...
News 21 Jul 2022 How to maintain motivation even in tough times It can be hard to maintain motivation, especially when we are constantly exposed to negative news and what can sometimes feel like relentless obstacles to overcome.
News 21 Jul 2022 How to hire in a super-tight job market It can be tough to hire great workers in a tight labour market, especially if you can’t afford to raise wages, as many larger employers are doing.
News 12 Jul 2022 What are the rules for leave without pay? Occasionally employers receive requests from staff for leave without pay, or unpaid leave. These sorts of requests often have employers scratching their heads wondering
News 12 Jul 2022 Annual Wage Review Decision The Fair Work Commission is responsible for reviewing and setting minimum wages for employees in the national workplace relations system.