News 29 Nov 2020 Preparing for the annual close down agreements. The following article explains the requirements to implement an annual close down. For information on public holidays during periods of paid or unpaid leave
News 29 Nov 2020 Payment for public holidays during Christmas-New Year shutdowns Some businesses close during the Christmas-New Year holiday period. Usually employees will be paid annual leave during this time as part of an annual close down
News 10 Nov 2020 Celebrating Christmas COVID-style 2020 has been a very strange year for everyone, filled with uncertainty and many challenges in both our professional and personal lives. As the festive season approaches...
News 8 Nov 2020 Metro Melbourne joins regional Victoria in the Third Step of the Roadmap As a result of these excellent numbers, metropolitan Melbourne joined regional Victoria in the Third Step of the Roadmap as of 11.59pm on Sunday 8 November 2020.
News 1 Nov 2020 A day in the life of a Job Coach Employment Plus Job Coach, Robert Thi Hlum, started working with Employment Plus in September last year. Robert, who is of Chin ethnicity, immigrated to Australia in 2008 from Burma...
News 26 Oct 2020 How to tell if you're not coping? The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges. Many of us have lost work, gained carer responsibilities and grappled with social isolation.
News 26 Oct 2020 Do tattoos affect your career? Visible tattoos are much more common these days and they are more widely tolerated in the professional workforce than they were several years ago.
News 26 Oct 2020 5 ways to build lasting self esteem As wonderful as it is to have higher self-esteem, it turns out that improving it is no easy task.