News 14 Mar 2019 Recent changes to casual conversion clauses in modern awards: what employers need to know A casual employee does not have a statutory right to elect to convert from casual to full-time or part-time employment – this right is determined by the applicable award/enterprise agreement
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News 29 Jan 2019 Thinking of some time off work? Get the facts on paid annual leave… Annual leave may commonly be known as holiday leave or holiday pay. It enables an employee to have time off work for any reason while being paid.
News 24 Jan 2019 Avoiding heat stress in the workplace Many occupations expose employees to hot working environments. Work with hot plant (ovens) or in hot surroundings creates the potential for heat-related illness.
News 24 Jan 2019 Keeping on top of annual leave Ensuring that annual leave is well managed within an organisation can reduce the liability of higher annual leave balances and promote a healthy workplace
News 24 Jan 2019 Wage subsidies: the basics A wage subsidy is a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) that is available to qualifying businesses that employ eligible job seekers.
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