News 15 Nov 2021 Yes! - Getting that second job is actually worth it. During the pandemic many people have held on to jobs but lost significant hours or shifts as businesses felt the pinch.
News 15 Nov 2021 Where your next job awaits! While 2021 has continued to be a year of disruption – certainly in some parts of the country more than others – one thing there’s not been a shortage of: jobs!
News 8 Nov 2021 Checking the authenticity of a vaccination certificate Currently, public health directions in NSW and Victoria prevent some categories of unvaccinated workers attending work. It is recommended that employers check certificates...
News 8 Nov 2021 Payment for public holidays during Christmas-New Year Some businesses close during the Christmas-New Year holiday period. Usually, employees will be paid annual leave during this time as part of an annual close down, but how...
News 19 Oct 2021 Preparing for the annual close down With the Christmas period soon upon us, many businesses will be considering whether to close down and for how long.
News 19 Oct 2021 Advice on COVID-19 vaccinations for Victorian workers The Victorian Government has recently mandated that specified workers in Melbourne and Regional Victoria need to have a first COVID-19 vaccine
News 19 Oct 2021 ‘Stapled’ superannuation applies from 1 November 2021 From 1 November 2021, new employees will be ‘stapled’ to an existing superannuation account. From that date, new arrangements will apply when onboarding new employees.
News 14 Oct 2021 Michelle Finds a Place to Heal Michelle, a mature woman in her 50s, had her life turned upside down when she discovered her husband was draining money from their business to buy handbags and lingerie for sex workers.