News 30 May 2019 How to stay motivated during your job search Looking for work can be one of the toughest waiting periods to go through. You can spend days, weeks or even months waiting for someone to respond only to learn that you’ve been unsuccessful
News 30 May 2019 How to stand out in the current job market, emphasise your experience and ace the job interview Despite all the skills and experience that you bring to the table, you will still need to convince employers that you are the right person for the job.
News 30 May 2019 Find your own work experience Work experience doesn’t just stop in high school, it’s a great tool to use to learn about what you are interested in and get your foot in the door.
News 30 May 2019 The valuable career lessons I learned from Game Of Thrones There’s no job that’s harder to get in all of Westeros than the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (a.k.a., King of the Andals and the First Men, a.k.a., Protector of the Realm)
News 7 May 2019 Part-time or casual work – the benefits and disadvantages The decision to undertake employment or employ staff on a part-time or casual basis can be confusing and will depend on a number of different factors.
News 2 May 2019 Achieving multiculturalism at work In a society where diversity brings richness to life, we also know our differences and lack of understanding can sometimes cause tension in both the broader community, and at work.
News 2 May 2019 Pre-employment training explained The primary objective of our pre-employment training is to provide you with a thoroughly prepared pool of reliable candidates, each with the skills to quickly adapt to your workplace.
News 2 May 2019 Working in a Millennial world Millennials, or those aged between 23 and 38 in 2019, are everywhere. They are now outnumbering the Generation Xers in the workplace, and are undoubtedly the future of our businesses.