We offer more than just low cost recruitment

The employment needs of every business are different, and we truly believe that matching the right individual with the right opportunity, can not only change someone’s life, but also the organisation they work for.

That’s why we’re proud to extend our comprehensive services, to the employers that partners with us, all of which are geared at making sure that your new start can grow with your business, whilst growing your business. These include:

  • A low cost recruitment service, using our specialist knowledge to find the right person for your organisation and needs.
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses, uniforms, equipment or training for new employees or existing staff.
  • Access to wage subsidies, giving your business a financial benefit for employing with us.
  • Linking in with our Allied Health team to provide 'wellness' support for your business, helping you retain healthy, happy and positive staff.
  • Complimentary human resources advice with the Ai Group Workplace Advice Line, if you've employed two or more Employment Plus candidates and your business is eligible.
  • News and updates from Plus More, the email newsletter that helps business' get ahead

Learn more about our Employer services

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