Hiring through the Disability Employment Services program

People with disabilities work in all industries, in many different roles, and bring a range of skills, qualifications, talents and experience to business. They hold a range of tertiary, trade and other qualifications.

It makes good business sense to employ people with disabilities. Evidence has shown they tend to:

  • take fewer days off and stay in jobs for longer than other workers
  • take less personal leave
  • be more affordable, as recruitment costs are often lower
  • have fewer compensation incidents and accidents at work in comparison with other employees
  • build strong relationships with customers
  • boost workplace morale and enhance teamwork

As an employer through the DES program, you may also be eligible to receive government funding towards the salary of employees with disabilities, via the Supported Wage System.

To find out more about the many benefits of employing people with disabilities, as well as your legal obligations and the support you may be entitled to, please see our helpful articles below:

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