Wage subsidies could be available for your business

Depending on the type of business you operate, you may be eligible to access government funded subsidies, designed to help cover the cost of training new employees, allow young job seekers to enter the workplace, or assist with the employment of mature age job seekers.

Wage subsidies cover $10,000 of your new employee’s wage.

To apply, simply check with your Employment Plus Consultant if you are eligible to receive a subsidy, and they will guide you through the process.

Subsidies are available for up to six months, providing:

  • The new employee requires additional training or development for them to undertake their role competently.
  • The position is expected to be ongoing.
  • The position is for at least 20 hours per week (averaged over the six months).
  • The position is not within a state or commonwealth government department or agency (however, a wage subsidy employer can be a local government entity, provided the employment position is not otherwise funded by an Australian, state or territory government entity).
  • Participants are not immediate family members of the wage subsidy employer.

Wage subsidy categories

There are different wage subsidy categories to assist different groups. Your Employment Plus representative will explain the categories, subsidy amounts and full eligibility criteria relevant to you.

  • The Restart wage subsidy is for workers aged 50 years or over and offers a subsidy $10,000*.
  • The Youth Bonus wage subsidy is for workers aged 15-24 years of age and offers $10,000*.
  • The Youth wage subsidy is for workers aged 25-29 years of age and offers $10,000*.
  • The Long Term Unemployed wage subsidy is for long term unemployed workers and offers $10,000*.
  • The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander wage subsidy is for ATSI workers and offers $10,000*.
  • The Parents wage subsidy is for workers who are a principal carer parent and offers $10,000*.

*Terms and conditions apply

Want to determine your eligibility?

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