Catherine had the enthusiasm to work and the willingness to learn. All she needed was an employer who understood her and her situation. Play video
Nuna turns the ignition on her job hunt Nuna knew the key to giving herself the flexibility to work in Aged Care centres was to have a transport solution, to give herself the independence to go for jobs she really wanted. View testimonial
Luke banks an opportunity After three long years of unemployment, 57yr old Leongatha man, Luke, wasn’t sure what to expect when he started with his new service provider: The Salvation Army Employment Plus. View testimonial
A village of support for Divya Indian-born asylum seeker Divya* had thought leaving the stresses of her mother country would bring a life of opportunity to her family in Australia. View testimonial
Jane’s Journey - From Healing to Hiring When Jane* first met with Employment Plus in May 2021 she was doing it tough. She was suffering from anxiety and depression and was also worried about the mental health of her daughter. View testimonial
Skye Finds the Shoe that Fits After years spent making people look fabulous in a hairdressing salon chair, job seeker Skye Jackson had to call it quits due to health reasons. View testimonial
The light at the end of a long, dark tunnel Pushing through the dark times and taking a chance on a new career has certainly worked for 59-year-old Clive, who has suffered with crippling anxiety and depression for the last decade. View testimonial
New beginnings bloom for Christian Battling significant drug addiction, Christian reached out to The Salvation Army Employment Plus to help him get life back on track. View testimonial
Rowan lays down his career pipeline Gippsland man Rowan Dalton had been out of work for two years and was keen to start establishing his own financial independence. View testimonial
How job seeker Robert Thi Hlum went from job seeker to recruiter with Employment Plus! How job seeker Robert Thi Hlum went from job seeker to recruiter with Employment Plus! View testimonial
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Landing your dream job can be a real challenge, especially today. But it's not impossible, as job seeker Natasha discovered, thanks to Employment Plus. Natasha - Job seeker Play video
Following decades 'in the dark' due to substance addiction following the loss of his mother in his teen years, for newly employed Mick, life has never been better. Mick - Job seeker Play video
Job seeker Troy and his new employers tell the story of how he came to find a great new job in manufacturing, thanks to the assistance of Employment Plus and his own persistence. Troy - Job seeker Play video
Sometimes the secret ingredient in looking for work is effort. This is the case for Alkan, a successful Transition to Work participant, whose dedication took him from intern to employee. Alkan - Job seeker Play video
The barriers to employment look different for everyone. For Evan, a young and proud Indigenous man, having Employment Plus on his side made all the difference. It’s never just a job to us. Evan – Job seeker Play video
When you're facing unemployment, it can be easy to feel like a number. Ben knew this feeling well, and his story is another reason why we're dedicated to treating people like individuals. Ben - DES Ambassador Play video
It’s never just a job, and Elizabeth proves that. With our help, she’s now in stable, secure employment that she loves, and she’s been able to break the welfare cycle in her family. Elizabeth - Job seeker Play video
Jessica proves that it’s not about your disability, but rather your ability, when it comes to finding meaningful, secure work. For Jess, a job represents more than a pay cheque. Jessica - DES Ambassador Play video
When a global pandemic causes your cleaning business to expand exponentially, Employment Plus has the answer to your staffing needs. John - Tradeflex Play video
Employer testimonial We have been very happy with both of our new staff members and hope they stay with us for many years... Maria - Owner View testimonial
Employer testimonial We have had an amazing result with 4 candidates from Employment Plus... Peter - Director View testimonial
Employer testimonial In an unprecedented year for the world as a whole, Costco saw itself taking on challenges that were both... Richard - Costco View testimonial
Employment Plus was really supportive with us. They helped us source Natasha and during her first few weeks they were checking in with us to see how she is going and if we need any help. Hamid - The Flower Club Play video
Employer testimonial Their knowledge around the clients experiences and assisting them secure work, the clients nature and experience is of high standard... Luke - Operations / Recruitment Coordinator View testimonial
Employer testimonial Our local employment service provider has been very helpful with finding us the right person for the job... Michael - Production Manager View testimonial
Employer testimonial We were recommended by friend for your service. We found that Your service is really good... Siew - Office Administrator View testimonial
Employer testimonial I found the people you have placing these people in jobs to be very helpfull and can't do enough for you... Doug - Director View testimonial
Employer testimonial Employment plus was a very good and helpful way to recruit... Anil Sharma - Director View testimonial
Employer testimonial Purple ivy clothing has provided a few jobs for employment job seekers. It has been very fulfilling... Lisa - Owner View testimonial
Employer testimonial As a blue collar recruitment company we are regularly dealing with candidates on wage subsidies... Peter - Account Manager View testimonial
Employer testimonial I Placed 5 guys in September this year all in Bayswater from Employment Plus... Laruen - Senior Recruitment Consultant View testimonial
Taking on an Employment Plus job seeker is one of the best business decisions Anthony has ever made. What could we make possible, by finding you the right fit? It’s never just a job to us. Anthony - Hallifax Lunch Play video