News 5 Apr 2022 Exposure to COVID and isolation rules We continue to hear about situations where a staff member is re-exposed to COVID-19 and employers are wondering whether the person must isolate again.
News 5 Apr 2022 Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee for casual workers in specified occupations The Victorian Government has introduced a Sick Pay Guarantee Scheme for casual and self-employed workers in specified occupations.
News 9 Mar 2022 What’s in a pay slip? Pay slips ensure that employees receive the correct pay and entitlements and help employers to keep and maintain accurate records.
News 9 Mar 2022 Is your business prepared for the Easter public holidays? The Easter holiday period is always a popular period for leave requests, with many employees seeking to take advantage of the number of public holidays.
News 18 Feb 2022 How to find friends (and partners) when you’re over 50 Making friends in later life is tricky, for all sorts of reasons. From the playground to college, from the workplace to the school gate when we have children...
News 4 Feb 2022 Cashing out of annual leave Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 meant that many Australians couldn’t take their usual annual overseas/interstate trips. This resulted in high leave accruals and some employees...
News 4 Feb 2022 Notice and final pay Employers and employees usually need to give notice when they end the employment relationship and there are rules about what needs to be included in an employee’s final pay.
News 25 Jan 2022 Can annual leave be turned into sick leave? Many Australians unfortunately became unwell with COVID-19 over the Christmas/New Year period or had to isolate while waiting for their test results.