Recruiting through Employment Plus brightens the lives of many more people than just your new hires. Our profits help The Salvation Army create a happier Christmas for all Australians in need. Give more than just a job this Christmas: call 136 123 to list a vacancy today.

Help one, help many

Being government funded, our recruitment services don’t cost you a cent. And when you work with us, you’re also supporting other Australians in need. Because unlike other recruitment companies, our income helps fund The Salvation Army’s vital community services.

We go the extra mile

From our very first conversation we listen carefully to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Our highly skilled recruitment consultants are trained to capture all the important details so your placement is achieved with meticulous precision. But it doesn’t stop there. We don’t consider a candidate placement as the end of the journey together. Because we genuinely care, we go above and beyond to deliver comprehensive, customised support and guidance, to make sure every new recruit gets off to the best possible start.