Lady wearing headphones in front of laptop working with a tutor on the screen

Source: TalentMed

Part time jobs can sometimes be hard to find, as we know trying to juggle work and raise a family can be a challenge at times. Therefore, a flexible schedule of working from home can be very appealing.

Self-employment, or working for an employer who encourages you to work from home, allows you to tailor your hours to work around everything from the school run to family, social and other commitments.

After all, what would be better than earning an income whilst working from home and caring for your children?

Online Tutor - Parents are often used to helping their children with their homework. This skill could be used to help other children with their homework in an area of your interest. There are many companies where you can register yourself as a tutor and conduct your tutoring sessions online.

Survey Taker - Participating in online surveys is one of the easiest part time jobs for mums. Many companies always need data to be collected on their products and are happy to pay for it. From home you can make money by answering the questions to these online surveys, and do as many as you like.

eBay Seller – Many parents have started their own online business by selling their items on eBay. What a better way to declutter your home by selling items that you no longer use, and earn an income? You can even set up your own online shop filled with second-hand clothing, designer items or artwork.

Freelance Translator - The ability to speak two or more languages is a highly specialised skill. If you are bilingual, translating may be one of the best part time jobs for you to consider. As this job is primarily online, you can translate anything such as videos, conversations, and even legal documents.

Virtual Assistant - With many businesses operating mostly, if not, completely online, virtual assistants are becoming a popular occupation. If you have good communication and organisation skills, you could work as a virtual assistant. They are self-employed and provide administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients remotely from their home office. You can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to market yourself and give you a head start to get your first client.

Photographer - If you’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but haven’t yet pursued a career as a photographer, it might be time to get snapping. Start by taking photos of your garden, your neighbourhood, and your friends and family. Once you have enough photos, you can create a portfolio and online presence to attract clients.

Specialised administrative role – A great example of a specialised administrative role is a medical transcriptionist, you can often work from home and choose your own hours. The job essentially involves taking recordings by doctors or specialists and writing them into letters or communications for patient files and referrals.