A Golden Success

A 25 year old jobseeker from NSW has gone from unemployment to managing a team of 30, thanks to a dose of hard work, perseverance and support from Employment Plus.

Logan Holbrook first came to Employment Plus in 2013 having been unemployed for four years as a full-time carer for his son.

“I had been applying for hundreds of jobs, but I felt like many of the employers just wouldn’t recognized why I had been out of work for so long and instead immediately put me in the unemployed too-hard basket,” reflected Logan.

“Anxiety, depression and a lack of self-confidence soon set in and made the interviews even harder to attend and do well at.

“When I made the decision to visit Employment Plus I had hit rock bottom, but the team were fantastic and really went out of their way to help me develop my skills and become job ready.”

The Employment Plus Hornsby team worked closely with Logan to address his barriers to employment and, after witnessing his willingness to learn and strong determination to succeed, put him forward for a role at McDonald’s Australia.

“Logan received extensive training from Employment Plus focusing on goal setting, career planning, self-marketing, resume building and workplace communication,” explained Kieren Kearney, General Manager of Operations at Employment Plus.

“He excelled at this training and, together with his newfound confidence and knowledge, it resulted in him successfully obtaining employment in a part-time customer service role at McDonald’s.”

Logan hit the Golden Arches’ ground running and, thanks to his self-direction, reliability, motivation and strong team skills, he was soon promoted to Shift Supervisor.

“I absolutely loved my role at McDonald’s – it was fantastic training and a great way to get managerial experience,” said Logan.

“They gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that I had the ability to get out of unemployment, get a job and really excel at it – and it was an amazing confidence boost.

“Due to changes on the home front, I recently applied for and was successful in getting employment at a gourmet grocer in Terrey Hills.

“I’m excited about the next chapter of my career and I know that the support I received from Employment Plus and McDonald’s Australia has helped me get to the point I am at today.

“Hopefully my story can inspire others to make the call to Employment Plus and seek the help they need to get out of unemployment.”

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