With the lack of a commute or the need to get work-ready (face-shaving, hair or make up), the working from home scenario can literally add hours to our day.

While you’ll still have your expected outputs to complete and modern technology will provide some means of connection, we’ll also find a bit more space not having to leave home to get the job done.

So, how can you spend this extra 1 hour a day?

Here’s 6 ways to enrich your life while in lockdown:

Learn a new language

There are plenty of apps that enable you to download and learn a new language from any part of the world. Create a new habit of listening to these tapes and start to dream of the far-away places you can visit in the future when travel bans are lifted.


It’s the thing we’re told will benefit all of us, but it can be very hard to achieve. Being at home with some extra time enables us to try different styles of meditation, find guiding voices that don’t irritate, and new ways to distract our busy minds.

Fitness App

Aside from getting a good sleep, eating well and taking care of your mental health, the fourth key factor in getting through this relatively unscathed is to keep active. Downlow the many free exercise guides or classes or subscribe to a monthly service of yoga classes or at-home workouts. They are a lot cheaper than gyms!

Family tree –

The nature of this virus means we are thinking very much about our aged relatives and the need to care for them. It reminds us of our mortality and the tree of life our family has provided for us. Take this time to plot out your family tree. There are online tools, and if you already know about your tree, you might like to speak to relatives to record your modern history so you can one day tell your own grandchildren.

Life Admin –

Need to merge that super? Worried about cash in this stressful time? There’s never been a better time to sort your super to reduce fees, consider the risk level on your portfolio and to compare your insurances and utilities with a price comparison site. With health insurance policies on the rise from April 1 and energy prices also on the rise, it makes sense to do this now.

Art / craft project

You could also learn a new skill or craft, such as painting, needlework, knitting or scrapbooking… or you could simply spend time colouring in an elaborate picture Perhaps you could set some challenges with work colleagues and share your accomplishments.