Clear that inbox! Our office tidying tips

Cast your eyes across your desk. How on earth did it get filled with so many knick-knacks, piles of paper and neglected business cards? When you’re a business owner and short on time, it’s easy to let the mess pile up. Organising your office space can increase productivity, make you a more effective leader and leave a smile on your face. Take a look at our tips inspired by tidying and organising consultant, Marie Kondo.

Keep it convenient

The items on your desk should be the items you use most in your day to day working life. Don’t use that stapler? Put it away. The old promotional stress ball that just takes up space? Give it away. If there’s anything of value you’re hesitant to throw away, consider whether a Salvos store would find it useful. By keeping the items on your desk to the essentials, you’ll avoid clutter, leading to a more peaceful work environment.

Go digital

Paper costs money, takes up valuable space in the office and is a burden on the environment. Fix your paper problem by turning your hard copies into soft copies where you can. Scan your existing paper documents and figure out a good filing system by asking yourself, ‘What will I search for when looking for this document?’ Remember – file names are key. An entirely paperless office may be out of reach, but every little bit helps.

Clear your inbox

Are you drowning in email? Part of a tidy office is being tidy in the digital realm – and your email inbox is a prime location for the clutter to pile up. Try creating rules that automatically sort your emails into folders for you; answer emails that will only take a minute to respond to immediately; and unsubscribe from all the junk that flows into your inbox. Every email needs a deadline as to when you will action it – make one and stick to it. They key to a clear inbox? Take action before it piles up.

Ditch the business cards

Now LinkedIn and smartphones are a part of our daily work lives, the role of business cards is quickly diminishing – and they’re becoming an item of clutter. How many business cards do you have floating around your desk – and how often do you use them? Download a business card scanner app to scan the cards you collect so you don’t build up a physical collection of cards. Even better, instead of taking a business card, note down your contact’s details in your phone when you meet them.

Get your recruitment in order

Finding new staff is not easy – but Employment Plus can help clear the clutter on your to do list by taking care of recruitment for you. It’s as simple as telling us what you need – we do all the work, find the candidates, line up the interviews and ensure your new staff are settled in.