We understand that when systems are changed it can be a confusing time. However, at Employment Plus we have helped many people engage and successfully use a range of employment services programs to find a job.

A common topic people have questions about is the new Workforce digital points-based system that requires some people on income support to accrue up to 100pt per month.

One of the biggest concerns expressed by people is whether their payments will still go through if they have not completed and recorded enough points within a set timeframe. There is, indeed, a risk of your payment being withheld and/or getting demerit points against your name if you don’t meet your obligations.

Because things have also ‘gone digital’ for some of our job seekers, reporting on these points has now become those participants' responsibility.

We appreciate it can be tricky to make your way around new systems, or if you have limited access to a computer, and this may cause some anxiety. So, we want you to know we’re here to help.

While we have not designed and do not control the Workforce platform, we can help you find the answers you may be seeking and find your way of working within these new parameters.


  • There are also options for people that are individually impacted by illness, disability or needing to care for others and applications can be made to reduce the number of points you need to achieve. If you think you’re not able to meet your points goal and/or would like your obligation level reviewed you can contact https://www.workforceaustralia.gov.au/individuals/contact-us/ for a review of your specific situation at their discretion.

For those job seekers that now have access to Enhanced Services with us – whether or not you were with Employment Plus before or are new to us – please keep reporting to employment service providers.

We’ll help you make sure you’re meeting all your obligations. And we look forward to helping you find a job you’ll love as well so you can say ‘see ya’ to the points system!