Human connection is vital but for some of us, the opportunity to work from home provides many benefits. And since the pandemic there is a much more flexible approach to working remotely. In this article we've looked at five jobs that can easily be done from home and we discuss the type of skills they require. Most of them require little to no formal training so you can start straight away!

Customer service representative

For someone with little to no experience but strong communication skills, becoming a work-from-home customer service representative is a great option. You’ll be responsible for answering calls and emails and helping customers with queries. In some jobs you may process payments, enable utility services and help people with other issues – such as accessing financial relief or setting up payment plans if they are struggling.


Tutors are essentially private teachers, working with students in specific subject areas. Did you have a subject you really loved at school, play a musical instrument or speak a second language? Tutoring can help high school or university students who need help with exams, tutoring in a foreign language or teaching a musical instrument. Casual tutors don’t usually need any formal qualifications, but those registering with an agency or working for a large organisation may need certifications in their field. A Working with Children check is essential if you’re tutoring kids. Speak to your job coach about getting this check.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to businesses or individual people from a remote location. It’s one of the most popular work-from-home jobs as it allows people to work from anywhere. A virtual assistant provides support with emails, calls, social media management, project management and even bookkeeping. Each job will be unique and you can often learn new skills along the way.

Tech support

If you know your way around a computer you might be an ideal candidate for this role that exists to help customers or employees of an organisation with their technology. Your responsibilities may include troubleshooting software or computer systems; giving instructions to people by phone or chat; network administration; remote installation of software and customer service

Tech support provided over the phone or internet does not generally require a formal qualification, only specialised knowledge of the product. However, a diploma in IT can provide a stepping stone for people wanting to break into tech support. Your job coach can support you!

Data entry clerk

A data entry clerk is responsible for accurately entering information into an online database of some type. This may include verifying client details by email or phone, organising and storing files and updating or correcting data. You rarely need any formal qualifications, but experience and computer proficiency will help you get access to a wider range of data entry jobs.