Traffic manager holding stop sign while two construction workers fix a 40km/h speed sign to the road

Employment Plus can find you work that pays really well – even if you don’t have any formal qualifications.

We can also help you get some basic training that will increase your ability to earn good money in a sector you’d like to work in.

Here are some of the best paying jobs we regularly have listings for that either don’t require specific training or you can easily upskill for with our help. Too easy!

  1. Aged and disabled carer. Average salary = $65K p/a. Australia has an aging population, and more than ever we need carers for our older generation. For this very rewarding job, you can earn a wage almost on par with the average wage in Australia without any formal training. And while qualifications are not necessary to find work in this field further, training is usually easily accessible and can enhance your areas of responsibility and pay grade.
  2. Customer service representative or admin role. Average salary = $62K p/a. We have all had to talk to a call centre person at some point. Maybe it was at the bank, at Centrelink, at a power company or maybe someone doing some market research. If you like chatting and helping people solve problems there are some great paying customer service roles out there. And many you can do from home!
  3. Traffic Controller. Average salary = $72K. While an entry level role might pay around $54K a year, some controllers are earning in the $95K pay bracket. Patient, chilled and don’t mind the weather? This could be the job for you!
  4. Cleaner. Average salary = $72.5K p/a. It’s not the most glamourous job but someone’s gotta do it and there are so many different types of cleaning roles. This can be a great job if you don’t want to spend a lot of time chatting to people and love tuning out with music or a great podcast. For basic roles you’ll learn on the job and more specialist roles – such as cleaning machinery or sterile environments – training is fairly straightforward.
  5. Labourer. Average salary = $75K. Whether you’re on a building site, a factory or working in the great outdoors a good hard day’s manual labour pays well. Most training can be done on the job and there may be an opportunity to specialise in a trade and embark on an apprenticeship that can see your salary increase or even give you the skills to start your own business.
  6. Concreter. Average salary = $109K. It’s heavy business, but it requires no formal training and can pay a wage that can help you lay strong foundations for your life!