It can be tough to hire great workers in a tight labour market, especially if you can’t afford to raise wages, as many larger employers are doing. But there are other ways to stand out, and we can help you.

1. Dial up the appeal in your job description

Workers have options right now. What makes your business unique? Be sure to stress opportunities for learning and advancement. Showcase your brand in job descriptions, and highlight what you contribute to the community. The more you can make a job sound like the beginning of a meaningful career, the better.

2. Be flexible and creative

Maybe you can train a new employee instead of requiring experience. Maybe a flexible schedule would work for certain positions. Or maybe you can promote someone internally. Make sure you’re casting a wide net, and keep an open mind when interviewing.

It’s time to hire people for their potential. Give some thought to what can be taught on the job and choose cultural fit over ticking all the skills or experience boxes. Employment Plus can facilitate training for many roles and our post-placement support helps bring your new hires ‘up to speed’ quickly and efficiently.

3. Overlook gaps on a resume

In normal times, you might wonder about someone who’s been out of work for a while. But the pandemic created extraordinary circumstances. Many people had to drop out of the workforce to care for young children while schools and day care centres were closed. Others may have been laid off or may have had difficulty returning to work due to health concerns. Be compassionate and keep an open mind when evaluating candidates with gaps in their resumes.

4. Pitch interviewees on your work culture

At times when jobs are hard to come by, you can afford to focus your interviews only on the applicant’s skills and experience. But in a tight labour market such as the one we’re currently in, you should also devote some time to wooing the interviewee. Share the passion you bring to your business. Talk about what’s exciting about working with your team and what opportunities your new employee will enjoy.

What social events or fun activities do you encourage staff to be involved in? At Employment Plus we say ‘it’s never just a job’ because we know that, aside from financial remuneration, making new friends and connections is a big part of what drives people to feel motivated in roles.

5. Think of unsuccessful applicants as future potential hires.

When you do reject someone for a position, be professional and courteous. And think about keeping in touch as you may have more positions to fill in the coming months, and a near-miss could be an excellent candidate for a different role down the track.

Take the same approach when reviewing CVs, as someone who might not be right for one role, could be ideal for another in a different department.