When you have to look after children and their commitments at school, their friends, your friends and family, your health and wellbeing and maintain a household it can seem like there’s little time to juggle these things. Throw in a new job to the mix and you will find yourself pressured to keep all of those commitments in the air. See some tips below on how to manage this process more easily:

Plan, plan, plan

Using a calendar app on your phone, or drawing up a schedule to plan out your week in advance is the best way to determine your time gaps, travel time and commitments. Be careful not to get overwhelmed and then start planning everything for the next six months. Instead look week by week and plan a week or two early (of course, with invites and special dates, you can include these in your plan as they pop up.)


Often, we just don’t understand what another person might be going through because they haven’t expressed it. If you are concerned about managing home/work life, it’s necessary to discuss this with the necessary people. Let your employer know you are a parent or carer, that you are committed to your job and also have other responsibilities that are important.

Work from home / flexi jobs

With the busy world we live in today, flexible working arrangements are often a great way to ensure your work is not affected while still achieving the balance you need from home life. Ask your employer what arrangements they can make, based on your needs, to determine how well you can juggle everything you need to get done.

Family or friend support

Turn to your friends and family during a period of new employment to get their support. If you can’t leave work, or find yourself needing to reduce the amount of times you do, can you lean on a friend or family member to assist you?

Take a break.

Everybody needs some down time. Time to themselves to do what they want, tick off their task list or just to unwind without rushing around trying to balance everything. Pick out a few hours each week, at a minimum, dedicated to you. What is your ultimate wind down activity? Commit to it as a promise to reenergise and rejuvenate for the week ahead.