With Anthony Albanese and Labor forming a majority government, job seekers can be optimistic things will only improve for workers.

While changes to the job seeking process have not been specified, Labor has made clear a number of things it wants to do for employees.

They’re going to start by amending the definition of ‘casual employment’ so that your employment status is more reflective of your actual pattern of work. For example, if you are working steady hours over a sustained period of time, you may be classed as a permanent part-time or permanent full-time employee and be eligible for benefits including sick leave, carers leave and holiday pay.

The party also wants tighten rules around how often employers can use repeat ‘fixed-term’ contracts before someone is classed as a permanent employee.

Labor is also keen to introduce ‘same job, same pay’ rules so all workers receive the same pay for the same work. This will ensure those placed through labour hire companies or casual employees get paid the same as a those permanently working with an employer.

They also want to put rules in place to make sure minimum wage standards will be set for rideshare and food delivery jobs.

The ALP has also shown a commitment to achieving gender equality, and wants to help close the gender pay gap and increase wages for women through a number of measures. This includes giving the Fair Work Commission the power to order pay increases for workers in low-paid, female-dominated industries.

It also wants to introduce laws that require large companies to report their gender pay gap and remove secrecy clauses from contracts to give employees the freedom to disclose their wages to others if they want to.

In addition, Labor has committed to implement all 55 recommendations from the Respect@Work: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report 2020 and provide 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave in the National Employment Standards.

In short, life is expected to get better for workers – and with so many employment options available at the moment it’s a great time to be looking for a job.

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