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If you’re job searching during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) you’re probably experiencing delays with typical processes. Recruiters and job seekers alike are being more cautious as we adjust to this new normal. It’s a time when people are less likely to want to meet face-to-face. But, business must continue. Work needs to be completed. That means jobs still need to be filled.

This is where technology saves us! Phone and video interviews are on the rise. Coronavirus is nudging employers to be more accepting of remote work and flexible schedules. Similarly, job seekers are being asked to interview virtually. You should be prepared to polish-up your digital interview skills. Here’s how…

5 Tips for Job Searching During the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19):

1. Your Voice Matters

Phone interviews have historically been used as an initial candidate screening. After which, you could still be called for a meeting and a chance to let your talent shine in-person. Without that opportunity, you need to shine over the phone. Recruiters will be talking to more and more people over the phone, and you’ll want to be sure you stand out. What you have to say may be impressive. Your tone, intonation, pitch, inflection and modulation can make a big impact. Your voice and how you use it are what allow you to communicate confidence, be seen as self-assured and inspire confidence in others.

2. Being “On” in an Online Interview

The quality of your video interview depends on two things- your responses and your comfort with the technology. In terms of your responses, it’s important to not get too comfortable during a video interview. It may seem less formal and more relaxed, but it’s still an interview. That means you must absolutely be 100% prepared. Your interview prep will be consistent with an in-person interview. You should be prepared for all the same series of questions. You’ll want to do a technical prep as well. This means make sure your technology works! Test it with a friend who can advise you on the quality of the connection, sound and image on the other end.

3. Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Being on camera doesn’t always come naturally to people. It can be even more awkward when you’re able to look at yourself while you’re speaking. Whether you’re preparing to record yourself for a Q&A or practicing a Skype interview, be certain you know where to look! This isn’t like taking a selfie. Avoid looking at yourself to check your hair or other distractions. The interviewer, or the “audience” has to be the focus. Practice where to look and record yourself narrating the various directions. When you play it back, you can see what focal point works the best for your particular situation.

4. Make a Video Resume

If you don’t have a video resume you should definitely think about creating one. It’s a great way to be fully in control of how you communicate your value to a potential employer. While job searching during Coronavirus, it will be an invaluable tool. But once you have it created, you’ll start to find many uses for it. Make sure it’s accessible through your LinkedIn profile. An “About Me” style video can leave a lasting impression, help you showcase your creativity and instantly build rapport with someone without having to meet them in-person.

5. Get Social

During times like these, being active on social media is more important than ever. Share and comment on articles of interest with your work community. Join discussion groups and become part of the virtual conversation. This is a great way to connect with others, network and communicate without having to travel or share space with one another. Start posting your own ideas. A job just might find you. Stranger things have happened!

As a result of COVID-19 there have been spikes in job opportunities in specific industries. Coles is employing 5,000 additional casual workers to help re-stock shelves and serve customers. According to job service ZipRecruiter, listings for cleaners and cleaning companies have skyrocketed by 75%. Yahoo Finance economist, Julia Pollack, said cleaning positions are on the rise in places like hotels, office buildings and universities, as those institutions are literally forced to clean up their act. All moved to strengthen their policies as the outbreak worsened, giving rise to many job opportunities.

If you’re job searching during Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), don’t give up! Be patient as employers work to update their policies and processes. Who knows, you could get hired from the comfort of your own home!

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