Personal trainer assisting client to lift barbell at gym

Originally published: Indeed

A good working environment, pleasant people and interesting tasks are some of the key factors that can make a role one of the most enjoyable jobs in Australia. Some factors vary from job to job, such as the quality of your work mates and workplace perks. Other factors are more constant, such as the typical duties and work-life balance. Here are some of the factors that make a job one of the most enjoyable.

Interesting tasks: Some of the happiest jobs involve interesting or rewarding takes that vary from day to day. These often involve problem-solving, spending time with people or being creative.

Job satisfaction: People enjoy jobs that make them feel proud of their achievements and make them feel like they are making a difference.

Humour: A job that makes you laugh is also very enjoyable. The most rewarding careers often involve relaxed settings and working with people while having fun.

Good work-life balance: Jobs are more enjoyable when the hours are consistent and overtime is rare.

Good pay: It’s much easier to enjoy your job when you feel financially secure and that you’re being paid fairly.

Job stability: Knowing your job is secure also makes it more enjoyable. It’s great to be putting in effort and knowing your stream of income is one you can rely on.

10 Most enjoyable jobs in Australia

  1. Tour Guide – average salary of $44K. Sharing the discovery of attractions or special locations
  2. Barista – Average salary of $55K. Making people’s day with delicious refreshments - especially coffee!
  3. Hair stylist – Average salary of $57K. Helping people create a whole new look and having great chats along the way!
  4. Lifeguard – Average salary of $59K. Literally being a hero
  5. Animal Trainer – Average salary of $60K. Working with amazing animals
  6. Chef – Average salary of $62K. Creating, tasting and inventing glorious food
  7. Fashion Designer – Average salary of $65K. Designing new clothes or buying to meet new trends
  8. Event Planner. Average salary of $66K. Helping organise various events like weddings, product launches or fundraising
  9. Personal trainer. Average salary of $66K. Helping people achieve their fitness goals
  10. Content Creator. Average salary of $70K. Producing or making marketing material for brands or organisations. Like an influencer but for an organisation!