Making meals on a budget

Do you find weekly meal planning and cooking stressful and expensive? Find out how to make the most of your budget and please the whole family with these tips below:

Set your budget and stick to it

Planning is key here. For $100 you can feed a family of 4-5. In saying that – you have to be realistic. You may want steak or seafood, but you might have to settle for something a little savvier that tastes just as good. Take a look at supermarket catalogues and compare best value for money when deciding on your menu for the week.

Work with what you have

You’d be surprised about how some of your pantry ingredients and leftovers from the previous week can be transformed into something tasty for the family. Look at what you have before starting to plan your meals and ingredient list.

Ditch store bought when you can

when it comes to sweets, making over buying can save you a lot of money and is often more delicious! Have you tried a basic dessert like crepes with jam or icing sugar? The cost for a large batch comes in at less than $7 which beats store bought.

Grow your own

Do you have a small space to grow some of your own vegetables? Not only is this rewarding for kids and adults alike, it can also save you money. Think about not having to pay for carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries! All of which can be grown in a small space, adding up to savings over the year.

Plan ahead for next year

It might seem a distant thought but by putting away $5 a week from the start of the year you will be able to enjoy a little more freedom and spending for special events like birthdays and Christmas.

Download your free cookbook

The cookbook, prepared cooked and devoured in The Salvation Army Bayside Kitchen is aimed at keeping families full without breaking the budget, has recipes for soups, dips, salads, curries, casseroles, cakes and slices. Download your free copy below.